The Luckyday Program

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Luckyday Retreat

The Luckyday Retreat is held a week prior to the beginning of classes at the university.  All Luckyday freshmen scholars are required to attend the annual retreat.  While at the retreat, Luckyday Scholars learn about their responsibilities as Luckyday Scholars, participate in team building activities, listen to speakers on important topics related to their adjustment to college and build a network of friends prior to stepping foot in the classroom.

Are we really going to camp?

On Wednesday night, Luckyday Scholars and Luckyday Staff will stay at Camp Lake Stephens, about ten minutes east of Oxford. Travel to and from Camp Lake Stephens will be by charter bus. For more information about the facilities, please visit

Goals of the Retreat

  • Group Identity
  • Team Building
  • Improving Academic and Personal Success of Luckyday Scholars
  • Learn about and sign Luckday Honor Code


Educational-Resource Programming: Educational-resource programming is focused on achieving academic excellence. The goal of this programming is to reinforce available campus resource information to aid in the enhancement of learning. This information will be reiterated to ensure that the Luckyday Scholars clearly understand the campus resources, technologies and services that will aid their academic progress and success.

Life and Career-Assessment Programming: Life and career-planning programs help Luckyday Scholars consider how to gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in their lives after their Luckyday experience. Luckyday Scholars are encouraged to assess their interests and abilities, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, and to make choices based on these assessments.

Service-Learning Programming: The focus of the service-learning programs is to help Luckyday Scholars understand their place in the larger community. This community can be their residence hall, campus, the Oxford area or the global community. Social-consciousness programs, meanwhile, focus on major issues or trends in society. Luckyday Scholars can choose either to focus on one area or to combine community service with social consciousness.

Social Programming: Social programs provide the opportunity for Luckyday Scholars to interact with one another in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. As a result, Luckyday Scholars will feel a part of a larger group/community, have a better college/first-year experience and take pride in the program. Social programs particularly are important during the first few weeks of each semester and should continue regularly throughout the rest of the semester.

Speaker Series

University Officials: University officials remind Luckyday Scholars that the entire University of Mississippi campus is a resource dedicated to their academic and personal success.

Luckyday Program: Holmes Adams, chairman of the board of managers for the Luckyday Program, will talk about the vision of the late Frank Day and the importance of respecting and honoring his life work.