The Luckyday Program

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Our Mentoring Program

The mission of the Luckyday Scholarship Mentoring Program is simple. We seek to foster a sense of academic responsibility among the participants in the Luckyday Program. We believe that through relationships focused primarily on academic success, both inside and outside the classroom, Luckyday Scholars will achieve their goals. This is not limited only to academic success but also future endeavors. Whether it is in the boardroom, the classroom or any other facet of life, Luckyday Scholars will be prepared to rise to any occasion.

A sense of communal obligation is created through individual relationships. Our mentoring program pairs individuals with like interests and goals to help them achieve greater academic and life success. By pairing seniors and juniors with freshmen and sophomores, our goal is simply to create avenues of communication to foster academic success. Oftentimes, freshmen simply are not aware of the vast resources the university offers them. This program is a chance for freshmen to ask more experienced peers any question whether it concerns academic classes, resources offered by the university or which professor they found the most inspiring.

We hope that both mentors and freshmen scholars in this program will benefit from the relationship. Freshmen will have another avenue to gain access to university resources, and their peer mentors will have the opportunity to participate more fully in the university community. Leading and teaching others is oftentimes the best way for upperclassmen to understand more completely their abilities. The mentoring program offers this opportunity.